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Starting a new business on a High Tide

So you're thinking of starting a business.

What first steps need to be taken?

  • Decision on legal structure (ie self employed, partnership, limited company)

  • Set up a business bank account

  • Buy Domain and arrange Email addresses (main players Microsoft or Google)

  • Set up website (Wix, Wordpress, Square)

  • Consider accounting software

With Tide Banking you can resolve both the business account and the first steps accounting software points.

Tide doesn't have fixed monthly fees and so is perfectly suited to the uncertainty of the initial accounting period, and by signing up using my Tide Partner code, you have no transaction fees for 12 months

Tide includes paperless sales invoicing and accounting software (including receipt upload technology) and allows you to give read only access to your accountant. (remember to keep the bank account funded so that all costs can pass through the account).

When you do grow a little bigger, Tide links effortlessly with software such as #Xero, #Quickbooks or #FreeAgent

Tide is easy to set up using your SmartPhone, Tablet, or Computer, with most accounts only taking up to 48 hours to open.

So get your business started with a Tide Account using my Partner Code SPURSUPPORT at to take advantage of the promotion

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