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Helping scale ups understand their tax risk environment by identifying, assessing and monitoring tax risk across their organisation

  • Are you knowledgeable on all the different taxes that may effect your business?

  • Have you recorded all the tax risks in each business and tax area and considered mitigations where necessary

  • Do your discuss risk at senior management level to ensure that your tax risk mitigations are appropriately understood and resourced? 

  • Are you prepared respond to any tax risk queries that may be raised by HMRC, Auditors, Investors, Shareholders or future Exit Buyers

Creating control through visibility!

Did you know?

Spur Support Services can help by using my inhouse experience to create and monitor appropriate tax risk frameworks, to give you greater visibility and understanding of this aspect of your business.

Tax risk assessments...

Tax Risk assessments cover a wide area of taxes, and involve gaining a commercial understanding of your business activities, processes and governance 

I have Tax experience in all taxes, including Corporation Tax, VAT, IPT, Expat, HR and Environmental Taxes. I use Collaborative working techniques to understand the tax risks from all perspectives throughout the business. Advanced Communication and Reporting expertise to encourage efficient and effective risk mitigation. I have a Strong track record at effective HMRC engagement and relationship management

Step one

£99 Introductory Consultation

Value based review of your organisation and it's tax risk environment

An online meeting to discuss your current business environment, goals, risks, systems and processes, so we can determine what value my services can bring to your business.

From this meeting you should have a high level understanding of potential tax risks and be able to consider whether regular or adhoc engagement suits your needs.

Option A

Proactive Tax
Risk Service

Offering a Trusted Adviser service to provide ongoing Tax Risk Identification, Monitoring and Reporting

Initial tax risk and control assessment

Ongoing monitoring through monthly engagement with operational and financial teams

Tax risk and control matrix management

Quarterly tax risk reporting for effective Board control


Option B

Adhoc Trusted Adviser tax support

Offering an agile solution to mitigate your Tax Risks

Tax compliance risk and resource review

Tax compliance system optimisation (including MTD and Offpayroll processes)

System development project support

Tax disclosure and enquiry support


"Rebecca's strengths include designing efficient and robustly-controlled processes for all types of direct and indirect tax and building an excellent relationship with tax authorities."

Steve Acland, Head of Finance Department

What my clients have to say...

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Tax Compliance risk and resource review

Tax Risk Management frameworks will allow the management team to understand and prioritise your resource requirements more effectively. 

We will review your current business and record your tax risks and controls using your Enterprise Risk Management system methodologies, where available.

This service covers all tax areas including CT, VAT, IPT, PAYE, international mobility and environmental taxes

Tax Compliance system optimisation

We can reduce compliance reporting time whilst increasing accuracy by reviewing current tools held by your business and optimising the digital data flows and outputs for Making Tax Digital compliance.

Improved transparency of direct and indirect tax return submissions will allow your internal resource to effectively review and challenge the submissions. 

This service can be used for CT reporting and forecasting, VAT and IPT.

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Image by Jakob Braun

System development project support

Many systems recording information on clients, employees, transactions and products can benefit Tax Compliance.

We can assist you by helping you understand tax relevant data records and flows and offering support in monitoring these aspects within the scope, planning and implementation of IT development projects to ensure that optimisation opportunities are maximised and risks are reduced.

We can also project manage the selection and implementation of specific CT or VAT tax compliance software.

Tax Disclosure and Enquiry Support

Identifying an exposure that you need to disclose to HMRC or being asked by HMRC for information on a specific subject is daunting and time consuming.

We can assist by identifying and reviewing relevant information from across your business through collaboratively working with both Financial and Operational Teams.

We can support you in preparing submissions, monitor responses and assist in liaising with other advisers, where appropriate, in order to ensure that your risk and cost optimisation challenges are balanced.

This service covers CT, VAT, IPT and HR related matters

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