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A little bit
more about me

Who I am...

Rebecca Johnson FCCA
Tax Support Services Director

I love a challenge...
I love to add value...
And I love to exceed expectations.

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Did you know?

The common thread in my tax, internal audit and risk management roles is that all require significant collaborative interaction and communication skills with the wider business and group to perform your duties effectively and I have always needed to work efficiently and create effective digitally linked systems to manage challenging workloads. Below are the 4 Important things to know about your Accountant.

Thing one

I am the Founder and Director of Spur Support Services Ltd, my ACCA Registered Practice

Spur Support Services offers general accounting services through Xero Cloud based accounting solutions. I'm really enjoying being able to apply my wealth of experience to this online environment to allow small businesses to save time and feel in control of their finances. 

I am differentiated from alternative accountants due to the depth of my inhouse experience, commercial approach and systems knowledge in addition to my TOTAL TAX technical skills (CT, VAT, IPT, Capital Allowances, R&D. HR and Environmental), all of which are enhanced by my understanding of HMRC’s responsible tax payer goals.

I want to help you save time, take control and show you that tax isn't something to fear and accounting shouldn't have to be a chore.

Thing three

My experience reaches beyond tax into the world of corporate governance, internal audit and risk reporting

Internal Audit Lead for 4 years who delivered and managed Canadian SOX compliance, together with the 3 year Corporate Internal Audit cycle and reporting to the Audit Committee.

Risk Lead for 2 years who developed a collaborative Corporate Risk Reporting Framework to improve corporate risk transparency to the Executive and Board.

Thing two

I have led Tax in large companies for 20 years

A Proactive Tax Lead, giving the Finance Directors visibility of the tax risks within their organisation and building a strong, transparent relationship with HMRC and the Tax Teams in wider International Groups, together with being an active contributor in discussions with HMRC within the Water Industry forum.

I efficiently reached agreement with HMRC on uncertainties in tax treatment across the range of taxes listed above, through submission of evidenced based, risk focused, technical reports and associated direct communications. 

I introduced the tax strategy and risk register together with tax governance, control, systems improvements and digitalisation, which accelerated delivery times whilst improving reporting accuracy, visibility and control.

Thing four

Devoted Wife and Mother with an adventurous heart

Happily married to Graham after over 25 years together, with a 16 year old teenage daughter and a water loving border collie. 

I’m a lifelong sea-kayaker, enthusiastic surfer, romantic skier and cautious 650cc motorcyclist. I looked after a pony during lockdown and used to cave!

I love watching the seasons change in my rural Somerset setting and adore trips away in the VW T5 (2010) campervan (outstanding home conversion by Graham).

My outside interests...

Challenges aren't just for the work environment. Outside of work there is always more ways to combine relaxation with exploring new horizons.


New skill from 2014



New places every year


Improving since 2016

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New 2018 agile commuting

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