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Coffee and Xero - a great start to every day

The first item we reach for in the morning is often our mobile phone. Social media and news may be top of your priorities, but with many online accounting solutions you can check out your business as well.

Here's 5 things that I do in bed with #Xero on my Smartphone.

1. Check my Bank Balance and Transactions uploaded overnight, matching them with sales, purchase invoices or bank rules where appropriate

2. Convert Quotes that were accepted overnight to Invoices, automatically sending them to my Customers without touching my email software

3. Check my Profit for the YTD/Quarter/Month to see if I am meeting my expectations

4. View the simple bar chart illustrating my cashflows for the month to date and the previous 3 months, clicking on the bars to display the values

5. Check my unpaid sales invoices and send a chasing emails to customers if necessary

How much accounting would you do in bed, #coffee in hand, warm under the duvet with the cold damp winter wind whistling past the window?

Which would be your favourite task?

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