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Online accounting is great for Mental Health

Can online accounting software be good for you #mentalhealth ?

I think there's a very good argument that software such as Xero can revolutionise the mental health challenges of dealing with small business administration..

As with any other area of your life that you struggle to deal with or fully understand, there can be a tendency to bottle it all up, ignoring the bookkeeping, accounting and tax issues, letting them grow to almost insurmountable proportions, before finally seeking support when it finally all becomes too much to cope with.

It is often said that talking through your troubles alleviates stress and allows you to work through your problems.

But with an area such as accounts, business administration and tax it can be hard enough to find the right words.

And lets be honest, sometimes accountants aren't the best communicators either! :)

So why should online accounting software help?

- Communication

- Efficiency

- Planning for the future

Firstly, Communication - it allows you and your accountant to always have access to your accounting information and lets them assess its completeness, which will ease the communication barriers and allow better support to be given throughout the year seamlessly and allows additional assistance to be offered quickly if required

Secondly, Efficiency - the processes can be set up to reduce the administrative burden by automating the transaction flows and document generation where possible, reducing the time it takes to undertake the administrative task. Plus the multi device functionality of this software allows you to perform many tasks on tablets and smart phones, further reducing the need to move to the formal office mindset.

Thirdly, Planning for the Future - it encourages you to keep up to date with your books which will help change your mindset, evolving to using the financial data as a business planning tool, rather than a historical compliance burden.

I feel that working towards taking control of the future, rather than dwelling on the present and the past, could really help lift the darkest heart, but maybe that's just me.

So that's why I'm a true believer in Online Accounting Systems.

My ACCA Accountancy Practice focuses on #Xero, due to it's flexibility and integration with over 900 other different business platforms

I also support clients with the #Tide Banking accounting app, #FreeAgent, #Pandle and #Quickbooks Online, to make the best of their business landscape.

If you would like my accountancy and tax support, please don't hesitate to reach out and drop me a message at .

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