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Exhilarating eCommerce Accounting and Tax Feedback

It really lifts my spirit to receive great #feedback like this, as it makes me feel that my efforts were fully appreciated.

Stuart came to me with a sense of frustration and despair at the entire accounting profession.

He runs a successful #eCommerce business across multiple platforms and his two previous accountants simply don't appear to have been able to cope with the complexity and volume of the data flows.

In order to catch up, I implemented Xero accounting software for him and used my systems and tax experience to automate the hell out of the historic data upload flows, which allowed me to keep the fees down to a reasonable level and complete the work quickly and efficiently.

For ongoing business we have implemented a 3rd party app to centrally collate data from all his platforms, automate invoice flows and improve #VAT risk control.

I still support him on an ongoing basis using Xero and Hubdoc, but now he's all up to date and can concentrate on running his business, not running his books.

I'm looking forward to helping him spur his business forward through the years ahead

If you feel that your eCommerce accounting is a drag, please contact me and I may be able to make your life easier too.

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