Our Tax Specialist Services

Tax experience in all taxes, including Corporation Tax, VAT, IPT, Expat, HR and Environmental Taxes

Collaborative working techniques to understand the tax risks from all perspectives throughout the business.
Advanced Communication and Reporting expertise to encourage efficient and effective risk mitigation

Strong track record at effective HMRC engagement and relationship management

Proactive Tax Risk Service

Offering a Trusted Adviser service to provide ongoing Tax Risk Identification, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Initial tax risk and control assessment

  • Ongoing monitoring through monthly engagement with operational and financial teams

  • Tax risk and control matrix management

  • Quarterly tax risk reporting for effective Board control


£950/month based on 12 months support.

£99 Introductory Consultation

Value based review of your organisation and it's tax risk environment

I will meet with you to discuss your current business environment, goals, risks, systems and processes, so we can determine what value my services can bring to your business.

From this meeting you should have a high level understanding of your tax risks and be able to consider whether regular or adhoc engagement suits your needs

Adhoc Trusted Adviser tax support

Offering an agile solution to mitigate your Tax Risks

  • Tax compliance risk and resource review

  • Tax compliance system optimisation (including MTD and Offpayroll processes)

  • System development project support

  • Tax disclosure and enquiry support


Services charged at £100/hour.


Tax Compliance risk and resource review

Tax Risk Management frameworks will allow the management team to understand and prioritise your resource requirements more effectively. 


We will review your current business and record your tax risks and controls using your Enterprise Risk Management system methodologies, where available.

This service covers all tax areas including CT, VAT, IPT, PAYE, international mobility and environmental taxes